Our business is tied to the community both locally and globally. Creating opportunities to support the community is a key part of our growth strategy and longevity.


We place the highest value on building trust and being honest, respectful and transparent. We are accountable for our actions, both successes and failures.


The best ideas come from teamwork. We value diversity yet work together for a common goal building win/win partnerships with all our stakeholders.


Innovation is crucial to our ongoing success. We innovate because we are passionate about creating products and services that enrich the experience of our customers.

  • Wayne Du
  • Derek Wiseman
  • Wei Tan
  • Eric Peterson
  • Eric Kubli
  • Patrice Spyrka
  • Sherwin Gonzales
  • Michael Hernandez
  • Joseph Siwa
  • John Beriault
  • Emily McKean
  • Alex Chiu
  • Wayne Du
  • Derek Wiseman
  • Eric Peterson
  • Patrice Spyrka
  • Michael Hernandez
  • Brandon Brye
  • Ariel Raymon
  • Tsering Alleyne
  • Joseph Siwa

Wayne Du

CEO, Founder

As part of Jakroo’s dynamic duo, Wayne is responsible for defining global strategy and ensuring all parts of the organization work together like a well-oiled machine. Wayne is awed by his team who provide him with an endless stream of innovative ideas to work with. As founder, Wayne finds it liberating to be the key decision maker and contribute to the success of others. Wayne’s pastimes include reading, riding, soccer and convincing his wife and daughter that he is not “boring”.

Derek Wiseman


In the beginning there was Wayne. Then there was Derek. Then Derek and Wayne joined forces and the rest is history. As an apparel industry veteran with a penchant for technology and marketing Derek uses his skills and passion to set help set the direction for the company and keep the momentum going strong. Derek is a tolerant, multi-lingual family guy who enjoys the company of good friends, staying active, and building ‘things’ in his spare time. Wisely, he taps into the strengths of his team and lets them shine.

Eric Peterson

Senior Production Manager

A valuable member from day 1, Eric makes sure all orders get processed accurately and on time working with both the sales and production divisions to get the job done. Convinced of Jakroo’s potential he came on board and is thrilled at the exponential growth crediting Jakroo’s cutting edge technology and superb customer service. Eric is a compassionate person with a listening ear and enjoys a good concert. If you see a shiny new bike in the parking lot, it’s probably Eric’s.

Brandon Brye

Art Director

Watch out for Brandon our art department mastermind formally educated in computer animation and graphic design. Brandon brings with him 7 years of experience in the custom apparel industry and is redefining “cool” one project at a time. Working for Jakroo is an exciting opportunity for Brandon, one that was strongly encouraged by his little sister who had to talk some sense into his overly analytical mind before he jumped in with both feet. We’re glad he listened!

Sherwin Gonzales

Graphic Designer

Since joining Jakroo, Sherwin has become a cycling and running convert surprising even himself in the process. He thrives in the company’s close-knit environment and enjoys collaborating with his talented coworkers where together they create designs that are nothing short of awesome. The fast-paced environment keeps Sherwin on his toes catering to dozens of customer requests daily to provide outstanding customer service. Sherwin enjoys the time he spends with friends and family, staying active, photography and belting it out at karaoke.

Michael Hernandez

Director of Sales

Michael first approached Jakroo as a customer and quickly realized he wanted in. Now, as senior manager of direct sales he puts his high-energy personality to good use giving each and every customer the most professional treatment possible. Keeping up with evolving technologies is exciting and challenging but it’s this innovation that makes Jakroo a force to be reckoned with. At home Michael trains (and does laundry for) his partner, a World Cup track medalist and member of the U.S. National Team.

Joseph Siwa

Account Manager

Cycling helped Joseph turn his life around so working for Jakroo was an easy decision. Joseph loves being part of a forward thinking company clearly ahead of the curve in terms of technology, products and service. As frontline to customers, Joseph uses his jovial, welcoming personality and in-depth product knowledge to understand and respond to their needs. His passion spills over into his personal time where biking tops the list followed by jamming with friends and hanging out with his dog.

Patrice Spyrka

Sr. Manager, Direct Sales Division

Our front line sales person Patrice is a two time Junior Olympian in Nordic Skiing and to say she’s passionate about heading Jakroo’s Nordic division is an understatement. Her career began in the cycling division at Descente America where she went on to fulfill various roles and gain valuable experience. Patrice is a devoted, hardworking mom of two sport-loving girls and proud supporter of her husband, a competitive masters road cyclist that rides and competes as often as possible.

Wei Tan


Wei is Jakroo’s data-cranking specialist keeping all informed of the great job they are doing. From the newbie to the most experienced everyone is valued and knows the role they play in Jakroo’s success. Wei is impressed by Jakroo’s growth and gives them extra gold stars for moving inventory and keeping sales up. Wei has the travel bug and loves to get away and see the world. She’s a budding fashionista and steals a tip or two whenever she can.

Eric Kubli

Sr. Graphic Designer

Meet Eric our pop-culture loving senior designer whose not-so-hidden talents include playing guitar, web design, comics and illustration. Eric is pumped to be part of a tight, creative team of professionals who deliver quality products and have fun doing it. Using his design prowess, Eric blends his expertise with each client’s fresh perspective and unique taste and the results are quite impressive. Rumor has it he never met a compliment he didn’t like.

Jeff Sipe

Sr. Graphic Designer

Our visual maestro, Jeff considers himself as a key link between ideas and a quality finished product. He is also another willing convert to the wonderful world of cycling. Jeff enjoys working in a supportive environment where he can be his outgoing, positive, funny self while turning out fresh, uber-creative designs that make people do a double take. Off-hours Jeff’s interests include everything from family and church to playing guitar and being a coffee nerd. BTW do not ask him about bees!

Ariel Raymon

Account Manager

Heading accounts is the multi-talented Ariel, one part cyclocross racer, one part triathlete and one ice cream lover. Ariel is Jakroo’s biggest fan and uses her outgoing, energetic personality to spread the love and get others hooked on their great products. Ariel thrives on the energy of her cycle-loving coworkers, is thrilled to be a part of the industry and during Jakroo’s crazy- busy season can still be found in the trails of the Oakland hills on her custom Rock Lobster.

Logan Almeida

Account Manager

Logan Almeida shines as an Account Manager where she channels her passion for the fashion and apparel industry while working directly with customers to process custom orders. Focusing her talents on cycling apparel has given Logan the chance to discover new skills, applying these to the overall success of the team. Jakroo is constantly evolving, changing and improving at lightning speed. With all this energy in the air, Logan has the feeling that anything is possible. When she is not using her slick organizational skills to keep the team on track, Logan enjoys reading, travelling, cooking and doing yoga. Rumor has it she can be effectively bribed with chips and guacamole.

Tsering Alleyne

Marketing Manager

Over in our Marketing Department is the ‘dude with the cool name,’ Tsering Alleyne. Tsering (pronounced Sāy-rĭng) happily rides his bike to work each day where he works his marketing magic to connect with Jakroo’s target market, building the brand into a force to be reckoned with! What does Tsering like about Jakroo? Amazing industry leading technologies, great processes, the friendly environment and most of all, the tasty snack food offered at weekly meetings! Tsering’s ambitions include discovering new outdoor adventures and ultimately taking over the world – the world of custom apparel.

John Beriault

Account Manager

Jakroo gets an A++ for recruiting teacher, John Beriault to our position as Sr. Accounts Manager! John has quickly become a valued member of our energetic team and a pro at smoothly managing our Canadian accounts from the initial design, all the way to post-order follow up. Although he misses the face-to-face interaction with customers, John is thrilled to be able to work closer to home where he wisely spends his time devising ways to trick his 8 week old son into going to sleep so he can catch a few z’s himself! Don’t worry John; this only lasts 20 years or so.

Emily McKean

Sr. Graphic Designer

Emily McKean is our newest designer who humbly described herself as “awesome” during her job interview. We took her word for it, and now she’s making waves applying her talents to incredible custom sportswear designs here at Jakroo. Emily's time away from work is spent hitting the gym, enjoying a game of hockey or playing soccer. She thrives in Jakroo’s always-changing, uber-creative environment where no day or design is ever the same. She may be trying to butter us up, but she reports that since working with us she sees everything a little more sharply, with a little more humor and even works faster. Looks like an “awesome” design guru has found an equally awesome environment to work in!

Alex Chiu

Account Manager

Karma strikes again bringing good people to the awesome team here at Jakroo! Enter Alex Chiu, our multi-tasking Account Manager whose unique skillset makes him a natural fit. Although he’s the new kid on the block, Alex feels right at home among his new co-workers thanks in part to his old college roommate, an avid cyclist. After noticing his roommate’s consistently sunny disposition, Alex traded in his junk food and video games for a bike losing 60 pounds in the process! His pace might be a little slower than the rest, but that just gives him time to stop and pursue his second passion, photography. Each day, it’s his mission to work towards the best possible result for Jakroo and above all, the customer.

Jakroo Timeline

Rider Sportsfashion starts business and ships their first bike jerseys to Switzerland.