Enter our 2020 Nationals Design Competition to win

2 Free Heimdall One Piece race suits in time for Team Sprints!

2020 Ski Nationals Design Contest: Win a Jakroo Heimdall Pro Race Suit

Show us your design chops!
The winner of the design contest will be announced before the
2020 Ski Nationals. You can win 1 of 2 Heimdall Pro race suits
in the winning design and size of your choice.
Go to
designlab.jakroo.com and select Heimdall. Good luck!

Contest Details:


1. Click the button below to begin the design process:


2. Create your design, save it, and hit the “Share” button to generate a link to your design.


3. Once you’re done, email the link to your design to info@jakroo.ca with “Nationals Design Contest” in the subject line, along with what size you would take in the body of the email.


4. Winner will be announced via your email 3 weeks before the event and will receive their design in the sizes of their choice.


Entries will be featured on our social media channels @jakroocanada and @jakroo_nordicski

• Points for wildness/creativity/visibility

• All entries must be submitted by March 4th, 2020 @ 6PM PST

• Items will be hand delivered at event (Heimdall Pro) and the winner authorizes Jakroo to take and use photos of the suits in action as a condition of the contest

• Entrants must be registered to race at or be present at National Championships to receive their prize (coaches, parents, etc are ok, as long as they are physically present)



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