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Why Jakroo?

With so many choices, who can you trust? Jakroo has been designing and manufacturing custom team jerseys for over 15 years and have been outfitting Pro and Amateur cyclists around the world.

Unlike most brands and suppliers, Jakroo owns and operates EVERY aspect of the design, manufacturing and sales process. No sub-contracting means we control delivery and quality and are able to keep our promise of fast delivery and exceptional design. When ordering a JAKROO custom team jersey, you get a free PRO design, no minimum order requirements and delivery times in under 3 weeks.

Don’t’ have a design? No problem! Jakroo’s Pro Designers will take your ideas and turn them into a design that will surely amaze you. We believe in collaboration and our 3D design technology and state of the art approval systems allow you to have an active role in the design process of your custom bike jersey and apparel.

With your JAKROO Account, you will be able to track all phases of the design and ordering process. Whether you are ordering for yourself, team, or group of friends, you can share your custom team jersey design through your custom storefront. One person can order for everyone or each person can order individually. After your initial order, the turnaround time is ONLY 2 weeks from the day you order to arrival at your door. It simply doesn’t get better!

Don’t take if from us though. Take a moment to visit our Design Gallery and Customer Feedback page!