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Jakroo Pro Designers create all designs in Vector Format using Adobe Illustrator. Download the templates below to create a design yourself. Please be sure to convert all text to outlines and save your files as EPS or AI.

Cycling Tops

Fondo (Short Sleeve Jersey)

Giro (Short Sleeve Jersey)

Nova (Short Sleeve Jersey)

Fresco (Sleeveless Jersey)

Tour (Short Sleeve Jersey)

Vuelta (Long Sleeve Jersey)

Cycling Bottoms

Peloton (Cyc. Shorts)

Velo (Cyc. Shorts)

Solar Pro Bib (Cyc. Shorts)

Peloton Bib (Cyc. Shorts)

Velo Bib (Cyc. Shorts)

Peloton Pro (Cyc. Shorts)

Velo Pro (Cyc. Shorts)

Peloton Pro Bib (Cyc. Shorts)

Velo Pro Bib (Cyc. Shorts)


Aero (Short Sleeve Skinsuit)

Aero Pro (SS Skinsuit)

Flash (SS Speedsuit)

Aero (Long Sleeve Skinsuit)

Aero Pro (LS Skinsuit)

Flash (LS Speedsuit)

Aero Thermal (LS Skinsuit)

Echelon (Speedsuit)

Mountain Bike

Ridgeline (SS Downhill Jersey)
Rally GT (Downhill Shorts)

Ridgeline (3/4 Downhill Jersey)
Rally SL (Downhill Shorts)

Ridgeline (LS Downhill Jersey)

Triathlon Wear

Elite (Triathlon Top)

Comp (Triathlon Short)

Fusion (Triathlon Suit)

Running Wear

Endurance SS (M Run Shirt)

Sprint (SS Athletic Tee)

Apex (Run Singlet)

Endurance LS (M Run Shirt)

Sprint (LS Athletic Tee)

Arc (Run Singlet)

Athena SS (W Run Shirt)

Tango (SS Paddling Shirt)

Athena LS (W Run Shirt)

Outerwear Tops

Epic (Wind Vest)

Barrier (Wind Jacket)

Barrier Pro (Wind Jacket)

Epic Pro (Wind Vest)

Odin (Coach’s Jacket)

Attack (Softshell Vest)

Sidewinder (Softshell Jacket)

Outerwear Bottoms

Ascent Pro (Knickers)

Hammer (Long Tights)

Ascent Pro Bib (Knickers)

Hammer Bib (Long Tights)

Hammer Thermal (Long Tights)

Hammer Thermal Bib (Long Tights)

Nordic Race Suits

Thor (Race Suit)

Thor Pro (Race Suit)

Nordic Warmups

Squall (Nordic Vest)

Arctic (Nordic Jacket)

Buri (Nordic Pants)

Odin (Coach’s Jacket)

Nordic Accessories

Budal (Nordic Headband)

Vali (Nordic Race Bib)

Bodo (Headwear Tube)

Loki (Nordic Hat)


Century (Cycling Cap)

Infinity (Arm Warmers)

Transition (Leg Warmers)

Replay (Polo Shirt)

Quest (Knee Warmers)

Drift (Shoe Covers)

Scout (Jersey Bag)

Bodo (Headwear Tube)

Propel (Cycling Gloves)