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  • Do you charge for design work?

    At JAKROO, we provide 1 FREE initial design, and 2 free edit cycles to fine-tune your design just the way you want it.  For edit cycles requested beyond the 2 free provided, a small art fee ($25) per edit cycle applies. JAKROO's goal, is to have all our designs be free of charge.

    Additional art fees that may apply:

    1. If you have logos that need to be redrawn, or if you have specific graphics that need to be created, there may be additional nominal design fees.

    2. If you would like an additional Design Option, we ask for a $50 art fee per additional design option we create for you.  Each additional design option will also have 2 edit cycles included.

    3. If we provide an initial free design, but you’d like to go in a completely different direction, we ask for a re-design art fee of $50 for this. Your redesign will also receive 2 edit cycles.

    We will always let you know before proceeding if any art fees apply to your request.

  • What do I need to get started?

    We need all logos and artwork to be Vector format. That way we can scale it, pull color from it and change it as needed for the design. The files are either eps or ai, created in Adobe Illustrator or similar vector program. If you cannot get Vector art, a high resolution Raster image may work for us, preferably a psd, tiff, or png file with transparent background. Please consult JAKROO to see if your artwork is usable. In most cases, we can convert logos into Vector format for an additional charge. To Learn More about JAKROO Art Specs, please go here.

  • I don’t know what I want for a design. Can you help?

    Yes! That is what we do best! Simply give us some colors you’d like and a general description of what you are looking for (Simple, Nostalgic, Wild, etc.) and we’ll get to work! We also have some pre-designed templates to use as a great starting point. Contact us for access to these designs.

  • Are there any limitations with color?

    No, with our dye sublimation process on orders less than 500 pieces, there are no limitations on the number of colors you can use in your design and price is not affected by the number of colors used.

  • Can I make changes to the JAKROO template ‘pre-designs’?

    Absolutely. Our template designs are a starting points to help you visualize what is possible for design. You can use ‘as is’ or change colors and design elements within the template.

  • I have very specific color requirements. Do you match colors?

    Color is the most important and critical part of the design. It is impossible to confirm colors using your computer screen as colors vary from screen to screen. To solve this problem and ensure consistency of color, we typically use the Pantone Color system to reference colors. If you do not have access to a Pantone Color Book, we can send you our JAKROO Color Swatch. Conversely, you can send us a printed sample of the actual color you want and our Art Department will determine the equivalent Pantone or JAKROO color match. For more information on color, please contact our office.




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